Evacuation Alert – Fort McMurray, Saprae Creek

May 13, 2024

Fort McMurray and Saprae Creek residents should be ready to leave on short notice.

An Evacuation Alert has been issued for Fort McMurray and Saprae Creek, due to a nearby wildfire, MWF-017. If you are in Fort McMurray or Saprae Creek stay alert and be prepared to evacuate on short notice. 

At this time, an Evacuation Order has not been issued. This is an alert for residents in the affected area to be ready to leave on short notice. 

Alberta Wildfire is leading wildfire operations, and the wildfire is approximately 25 km southwest of Fort McMurray. The smoke could impact visibility near Highway 63 south of Fort McMurray.  

Residents are advised to:   

  • Follow for evacuation information 
  • Be aware and stay informed by following official and trusted channels such as 
  • Download the Alberta Emergency Alerts App 
  • Follow local media sources 
  • Arrange with neighbours to advise one another of an emergency notification 
  • Prepare an emergency kit for your household