Strategic Priorities


Mikisew has identified key pillars that are most important to the Nation.
Our leadership team has worked toward creating strategic priorities to address challenges in these areas.

Our Members

Our people are our foundation. Our goal is to continue to support human development and health and wellness within our community.


An effective and efficient governance will allow for responsible decision making.

Land and Natural Resources

Our efforts on protecting our lands, water and air are focused on finding sustainable solutions for development and access to our territories.


Our focus on effective administration is imperative to ensure success of our programs running efficiently.

These key pillars represent the most important areas of focus for the Nation to progress toward sovereignty.
  • 1Promote and support our members in their desire to learn
  • 2Build capacity within our community and youth
  • 3Improve communication with the community at large
  • 4Promote and support the community’s efforts to achieve a better quality of life through economic, language, cultural, social, mental and physical well-being
  • 5Govern according to policies of fairness, consistency and effectiveness
  • 6Create a separation of politics from administration
  • 7Build sustainable capacity within our administration and improve alignment with all organizations
  • 8Build and maintain the Nation’s long-term financial wealth
  • 9Protect our natural resources and the environment to ensure a healthy environment for our members today and for generations to come
  • 10Promote sustainable development of natural resources